FAQs about Overdrive 2 and Overdrive Layout for Mac OS X

What is Overdrive?

What is Overdrive Layout?

How do I download Overdrive Layout?

What does Overdrive do?

What is the Overdrive demo?

How is the Overdrive demo limited?

When does my Overdrive demo period begin?

Is a demo available for Overdrive Layout?

Purchasing Overdrive for Mac OS X FAQs

How do I purchase Overdrive?

What forms of payment do you accept?

What is your return policy?

How do I activate Overdrive and Overdrive Layout?

Where can I find my serial number?

How many computers can I use Overdrive or Overdrive Layout on?

How do I move my license of Overdrive or Overdrive Layout to a different computer?

How do I deactivate my license?

Overdrive 2 for Mac OS X Support FAQs

Why is the Job List Off button dimmed? I can't turn the RIP On to print.

Why don't my settings look like the screen grabs shown in the Quick Start Guide?

My printer driver does not have a setting to turn off color management. Can I still use Overdrive 2?

Why does my file open in Preview when I try to print?

Why are my files on Hold when they are placed in the Job List?

One of my files came in with the wrong file size and the preview is distorted. Is there any way to fix this?

Why do I only see the first page of my multi-page document?

Why does the New Environment dialog open with AdobePDFPDE crossed out?


Please use our ColorBurst Contact Form to send technical support questions. Please include your OS version number, printer brand and model, and Overdrive version number.


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